Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cheese Ball

I passed around some Quezo de Bola around our office. I told everyone that this was the traditional cheese Filipinos would eat around the holidays. Literally translated, it was called ... Cheese Ball.

People (Murali specifically) started to doubt the validity of my traditional Cheese Ball... Everyone liked it. It was sharp and flavorful. They compared it to parmesan and port wine cheese.

That's very weird to me. There's only 2 types of cheese while I was growing up. Kraft Cheddar (for everyday) and Quezo de Bola (for the holidays). They were ordinary to me until today. You really get to appreciate ordinary things in your life seeing it with new eyes -- or in this case, tasting it with new tounges?

Happy Holidays, All!!!

getting my feet wet

I've always wanted one spot to share my story and I think this might just be the perfect spot. I'm not quite sure what I'll write. Definitely about my family and everyday life. So, to my family and friends... X officially marks this spot.