Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Cycle - 06/25/2008

This cycle wasn't too bad. On the day itself, I was still able to eat. Even dinner. Usually, by that time my tastebuds had gone and left me but this time, they stayed a little longer.

The next day, they'd left. I was barely able to drink my medication in the morning. The water already bothered me. So I forced my self to drink as much as I could since I didn't know when I'd be able to drink next.

Lunch time, I tried to eat Shaking Beef (one of my favorite dishes from our local Vietnamese restaurant). No can do. I had one bite, and it just didn't settle well.

I did get to go to the office. I worked all day. So, I was a little fatigued but not too much. I was thirsty but just could not drink. The worst part was having to barf in my trashcan at my desk. The first episode, I was on the phone. Good thing that was a quick one. The second episode later in the afternoon was bad. Couple it with the fact that I could not drink water. Cough drops had to do.

It's late now. I had just had some watered down milk and Milo. My stomach seems to be taking it well.

Can I just say something about the Milo here? It's not instant. You have to mix it in a hot liquid. I tried just putting it in cold milk and it came out lumpy. I had to nuke it a bit. That's shocking to me since in Manila, Milo is instant. Meaning it dissolves in cold liquid. What's up with that, Nestle?

Enough ranting. I'm still thankful for the Milo. It's the first liquid in my system that my body didn't reject. I'm so dehydrated, it's not funny anymore. If only I could take water intravenously without having to go to the doctor.

Didn't have headaches this time. Whoopie!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

James Taylor LIVE

Kel and I just got to see James Taylor LIVE! It was awesome! First of all, we're not concert going folk but we love good live music. That was great music. He sounds just like he did on Mellow Touch.

The venue was just fabulous as well. It was held in WolfTrap's Filene center. It's an open theater made of wood. It was open-air. Good thing it was a beautiful night. Not too muggy or steamy. It had just rained. There was a nice cool breeze.

It was one of the most fun dates we've had in years. I have to thank my friend, Gayle, for the wonderful tickets.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PET Scan results (6/16/2008)

I had a PET scan done yesterday and my doctor got a preliminary report today.
Bottom line: It's stable. It's almost the same as the last scan. She's very happy which makes me happy.

I'm not changing my medications in any way. I'll still be taking my Alimta/Avastin combo.

The scan did show that I might have some fluid in my right lung. I'm seeing my lung doctor next week to have it drained. (Does not sound fun but I'll handle it.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with these results. I'm living a normal life and this means I'll keep my lifestyle despite the cancer. Whenever I get scanned, I always try to envision the best case scenario. I let it play in my head willing it to come true. I envision my doctor telling me that it's gone and I don't have to do chemo anymore.

But it's not time yet. It'll come though. I believe it.
Please keep praying for me and believing in my recovery.
For those who keep the faith, Thanks! It really helps to have the spirit of many behind me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feng shui-ed

While waiting to actually buy the new home, I've been thinking of how to decorate it. Then I came across this book a friend of mine gave me a while back. Practical Feng Shui.

It's interesting. They suggest orientation of things in your home for balance of energy in your life. It doesn't all make sense but it's fun. I'm taking it all with a grain of salt.

One of the first things you need to know about yourself is your Chinese astrological sign. I'm a Wood Rabbit. I started to research about my sign and here's what I've found.

WOOD RABBIT Astrology Feb 14, 1915 to Feb 2, 1916 Feb 11, 1975 to Jan 30, 1976
Wood rabbit people are very quite and warm people. Power and solitude pull them on two sides. Luck always walks along with them but they never take rash decisions or unwisely steps. They are generally cautious, conservative and bright people. Wood rabbits always earn deep respect and admiration from others. They have a philosophical bend of mind and love to read and indulge in music and art. But as far as their finances go, they have to keep a very strict check on it. Wood rabbits are big spenders and hardly have anything saved for tougher days. As far as their love lives are concerned, they are very romantic and flatter their sweetheart with all types of gifts and surprises.

(2) (something is lost in translation here)
There is no particular big favorable star in your constellation except Taiyin star (good star) in 2008. Taiyin has one meaning of female, which means that you can get supports from female. So you will be beneficial from the help of nice female in your work. However, the Chi of this auspicious star is too insignificant to develop very well because it does not have any sustaining stars around it. Besides, Rabbit people have tortures from Taisui, which will bring you villain and cause troubles and entanglements on your relationship. Insomnia, anxiety and bad temper happen to you from time to time. Relax yourself and learn how to get rid of pressure. Carrying along a jade kuan yin pendant prevents you from tension and troublemakers around you.

Monday, June 09, 2008

New House

Just bought a new house. It's our first house. Yes, I'm very excited.

Everything has been smooth so far. Hopefully, this continues until we get settled in. As soon as the finances were in order, I told my realtor I wanted to buy a house the first day we went out looking. We scoped out some houses that looked good on paper. Reality can shine a harsh light sometimes. Good thing we came across this newly renovated, move-in ready townhome that had just got listed that morning. I insisted we write the contract immediately. We were the first one to give an offer on the house (but not the only ones).

We've had the house inspected and it was alright. Nothing major.

We close at the end of the month. June seems to be crawling by at a snail's pace.