Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Cycle - 06/25/2008

This cycle wasn't too bad. On the day itself, I was still able to eat. Even dinner. Usually, by that time my tastebuds had gone and left me but this time, they stayed a little longer.

The next day, they'd left. I was barely able to drink my medication in the morning. The water already bothered me. So I forced my self to drink as much as I could since I didn't know when I'd be able to drink next.

Lunch time, I tried to eat Shaking Beef (one of my favorite dishes from our local Vietnamese restaurant). No can do. I had one bite, and it just didn't settle well.

I did get to go to the office. I worked all day. So, I was a little fatigued but not too much. I was thirsty but just could not drink. The worst part was having to barf in my trashcan at my desk. The first episode, I was on the phone. Good thing that was a quick one. The second episode later in the afternoon was bad. Couple it with the fact that I could not drink water. Cough drops had to do.

It's late now. I had just had some watered down milk and Milo. My stomach seems to be taking it well.

Can I just say something about the Milo here? It's not instant. You have to mix it in a hot liquid. I tried just putting it in cold milk and it came out lumpy. I had to nuke it a bit. That's shocking to me since in Manila, Milo is instant. Meaning it dissolves in cold liquid. What's up with that, Nestle?

Enough ranting. I'm still thankful for the Milo. It's the first liquid in my system that my body didn't reject. I'm so dehydrated, it's not funny anymore. If only I could take water intravenously without having to go to the doctor.

Didn't have headaches this time. Whoopie!

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Dean said...

Hi Xenia - My brother found your blog while searching for lung cancer information because our cousin was recently diagnosed with NSCLC. Your blog is inspirational, thank you. It's great to read about your experiences, good and bad, it gives us an insight into what she will be going through with treatment. It's particularly great to read about your successes - best wishes to you on your fight. I'd end with something witty in tagalog but I got shipped over here too early to remember any. :o)