Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hard Blow

Just got my PET scan results. It's not good. My primary tumor doubled in size. Upside is that it's still confined to the lungs.

I'm starting a new round of chemo on Monday. Hope that side effects will not be too bad. But I've coped before and I'm going to just keep on going.

It's very difficult to hear after one year of the disease being stable. I had such high hopes with Tarceva. It just was not for me. Too bad.

In as much as this is bad, I'll continue to fight and live as best I can as long as possible. So, I'll need more prayers from you all.


dawn said...

Xenia, you're in my thoughts and I'll be sending doubled good vibes your way. Stay Strong!

lisa said...

Xenia, you and your family are always in my prayers, even more so now. Thank God you are such a fighter with so much spunk!

love, lisa

Anonymous said...

"Loving Father, please continue to give Cheng her wonderful outlook in life despite her circumstance. It is a real inspiration to us who are witnessing it from the outside. Thank you for blessing her with a supportive family. Please continue to watch, guide, inspire, and fill Cheng's husband, kids, mom, siblings, and family and friends with love and peace that only You can provide. We know that everything you do is purposed according to your perfect will. I thank you for giving Cheng that divine understanding and a peace that passes all understanding. Please grant our plea to show your power in Cheng by removing the tumor and restoring her health. We will thank and glorify You for it. Help us, Lord, to understand and accept your sovereignty and will, as you showed us in Romans 8:28. In the name of Jesus. Amen."

Yvonne said...

Cheng - We are stunned, shocked and dismayed. But we know that you will overcome this stumbling block..If you made it through last year, you can surely make it through this one. We are praying ever fiercely for you. You have an amazing attitude through all of this. We love you!

Jing said...

You are in my prayer.