Friday, July 03, 2009

Less of a cyborg

In November, they put in a PleurX catheter in my lung to help with the gathering liquid. Since then, I have not been able to draw much liquid at all. Since my PET scan showed vast improvement last April, it was decided that the catheter can be removed.

Yesterday, it was taken out. It was just an outpatient procedure.

I remember last November, when they had just put it in, I told myself, this will not stay long. I want to swim in the summer. Guess what, folks... I'll be in a bathing suit before long.


Dean said...

Congratulations!! I can only imagine how liberating this is for you, good luck with your swim :o)

lernie said...

Hi Cheng,

This is the first time I heard you of having lung cancer. Stage 3B sounds slightly advanced; that really shocked me. My dad died of lung cancer in 2004, but he was a heavy smoker, unlike you. I pray and hope you get better and stronger.