Sunday, July 18, 2010

DisneyWorld Adventure

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was struggling to get a PET scan approved. I was also worried about what the scan would say. The CT scan was not so good. This was all I could think about. I started to think - I'm not doing any treatments at the moment. I was relatively ok. I could walk. Burke's turning 8 which is a perfect age to bring her to DisneyWorld. Financially, it was a stretch but still possible. Instead of worrying, I planned our Disney trip.

We were at DisneyWorld July 10 - 17. We had the best time. We stayed at one of the Disney Resorts. It was pricey but the perks were worth it!

July 11 was Burke's 8th birthday. We went to church first at 9:30am. Then off to the Magic Kingdom by 11am. Our biggest surprise for her was dinner with the princesses at Cinderella's castle! First, we got our picture taken with Cinderella. It was like you were really talking to her. I had fun meeting her. We had a wonderful dinner and Snow White, Belle, Ariel and Princess Aurora all stopped by the table so we can take more pictures. During dessert, they did the fireworks and we could all see it from the window. We couldn't help thinking, this is only day 1!!! We were at the park at least until midnight (Magic Hours - resort perk). We were up to our eyeballs in Disney Magic!

We visited all 4 parks - Animal Kingdom, Epcot & Hollywood Studios. We had a blast!!! The dining plan was so worth it.

At EPCOT, we had lunch with princesses again (Akershus - I actually liked this better). Burke did the Kim Possible Adventure where she got a "cell phone" that she got clues from. It's like a treasure hunt. She loved it.

At Animal Kingdom, we liked the ride with the Yeti. Burke liked that too. She's turning out to be a coaster freak like her parents. I danced at the street party in the Africa section. (Herve, now I know why you love it there!) The Safari ride was awesome as well.

We took a day-off. Wednesday, we stayed in the hotel room to rest. Burke and I swam in the pool. We watched Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney that night. That was an experience in itself. My jaw hit the floor on the first stunt. I watched the whole show with my mouth open. They have the biggest Disney merchandise store Ive ever seen in Downtown Disney. Burke and I checked it out. At first we couldn't find the girls section so we asked someone. It was in the back. And it's called the "Princess Section". OMG!!!

It rained the day we went to Hollywood Studios. Bummer. Some tours and attractions were closed. We didn't get to see Fantasmic (2 hour line!!!). So, we didn't enjoy this as much as the the other parks. Tower of Terror was our favorite ride in this park!!!

We did a Luau at the Polynesian. Dinner and a show. Loved it!

To sum up, we had an awesome time. I'm so glad I got to share Burke's first time to Disney with her. I had only been to Disneyland before. All of us just loved it - except maybe for Mike's toes which had mega blisters. Although he says they were worth it.

Oh, I'd like to thank all those who helped make this trip possible. Thank you so much for the unexpected blessings!

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