Saturday, April 15, 2006

Chemo Cycle 3 - Summary

This cycle was much better than the second one. I was pretty much recovered by Friday. Unlike the 2nd cycle, I wasn't really good until Sunday afternoon. I think having my cousins over the weekend before my treatment and having my bother and his daughters over the weekend after my treatment really boosted my spirit and energy. Someone had just told me that that is the sign of a true extrovert - I get my energy by reaching out to others in times of need.

I also started to walk about half an hour everyday. I try to go out under the sun. That really rejuvenates me. Just proves I'm solar powered, I guess.

My appetite was really bad, though. That awful taste in my mouth just made food almost gross. If it were not for the steroids that was making me absolutely ravenous, I would rather not eat. But I have no energy when I don't eat. It's a vicious cycle.

Kel just cooked everything I asked. Despite the times I would not eat what he cooks. Not because it's not good. He says it's worse than feeding a craving pregnant woman (nag-lilihi). God love him. Shucks, I love him.

Not just my husband but also my Mom would wait on me hand and foot. Everything I'd ask for, I'd get. Massage, prayers, food ... etc. Thank God for Mom.

One of the things I asked for that week was prawns in tamarind soup (sinigang na hipon). Of course, we didn't have any prawns and I didn't want Kel to go to the store just for one thing. That weekend, Tito Ben and Tita Esther came by with a couple of pounds of prawns!!! Dream come true! Thanks Tito Ben and Tita Esther!!! We had sinigang and halabos (sauteed in garlic).

This week also happened to be Holy Week. For Catholics, we remember the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Our family also recalls Dad's major surgery removing the cancer from his spine. Now, my treatment week.

Out of the blue, a friend of mine called and was offering to share the Lady of Fatima with us this week. So, she was with us this week. I believe she was truly watching over us and listening to our petitions.

Let me end this with good news. My cough is gone! I'm not taking my industrial strength cough suppressant. My doctor says the tumor was probably crowding my bronchioles. That could probably be a sign of shrinkage. We'll know for sure mid-May when I get scanned again after the 4th cycle.

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