Sunday, April 16, 2006

Freddie, Lyka and Ysabel's Easter visit

My brother, Freddie, and his 2 daughters, Lyka and Ysabel, visited over the Easter weekend. We had a blast!!! They arrived Friday night and Kel had a feast waiting for them. Pizza for the kids and prawns for the adults. YUM!

Burke really took to her cousins. They played all weekend. Saturday morning, all Lyka and Ysabel had to do was stare at Burke to wake her up. Seriously.

We didn't go anywhere since I didn't want to be out the first weekend of my treatment. We stayed home, reconnected. The kids did a lot of playing. We painted 5 dozen eggs! That's a tradition my parents started when Lyka was 3 years old and she visited us in Manila. We revivied it and had a great time.

We hid a dozen eggs in the living room for the kids to find. That lasted barely 30 minutes. They complained that they painted 5 dozen eggs and they only got to look for 4 eggs each. Well... We still had a great time...

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