Monday, April 02, 2007

Birthday sigh...

Yup, I've turned 32. I'm very thankful for another birthday. Didn't know if I'd make it this long.

I was blogging a lot in March - then my birthday came. I thought I ought to say something reflective about the last year. Honestly, the only nice thing I can think of is - Thank God, it's over! That was a difficult year.

On my desk is a calendar from last year. It was stuck on December. I had not ordered a new one coz I had Outlook. Well, I flipped it so that it shows Jan again. Then it dawned on me that when I was jotting down on that page last year - I had no idea. If I flipped through the months, I know I'd relive the moments as I saw each doctor's appointment. I'd remember how scared I was. How utterly terrified. Looking a month ahead was uncertain.

Months later, as my life was more normal and my illness had stabilized, so did my panic.

Thank God, it's over!

1 comment:

carl said...

belated happy birthday!!!

(from your neglectful cousin over here in the hot hot hot bucolic regions of thirdworldlandia whose getting so nauseous over so much work, especially considering how grossly underpaid he is. but that's life, isn't it.)

again, happy birthday! MOOOOOOOOOOORE to come.