Friday, March 23, 2007

No more mushy armpits

I've just tried Eucerin the last couple of days. It's better than petrolium jelly. I feel the moisture just seep into my skin. It's not hanging out on the outside like the other jelly. It's greasy for about an hour or so but no mushy armpits.

The other night, I tried sleeping in just a big shirt. I'm a restless sleeper so I really move around in my sleep. In the morning, my legs were very dry from rubbing against the sheets. Then I tried wearing leggings at night. That seems to work. PJ's roll up to my knees so I'd be dry from the knees down.

One more thing I do at night is sleep with a humidifier. Keeps the skin moist. Especially inside your nostrils. It's not fun being dry in there. If you need more moisture, rub some lotion with a Q-tip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheng - I was so glad to see your current posts. I remember telling you I check this site every now and then only to be dissapointed that you haven't posted something. Now when I checked it, I had to start from January! I missed out on 4 months! Sorry, I should have checked earlier. Anyway, I'm cringing when I read what you are going through. I'm gald it's getting better than a few weeks ago. Have you tried Cetaphil? It's similar to Eucerin. Dakota has eczema and I feel bad for her when she itches, it's very unfomortable for her. Anyway, I'll surf the internet to see what other good products are out there. I love you! You are so amazing and strong! We are here for you. Love, Yvonne

kathy said...


I don't know if this will help, but try Dove's Proage line. Its virtually greaseless and seems to do wonders for dry skin. I will continue to research some more products for you. I love you so much ... you're the bravest person I know; and I'm so proud of the person you are. Love, Kath