Friday, March 16, 2007


Yes, my last post was bad. It was very difficult. I'm much better now.

Two weeks ago, I started applying moisturizing foundation on my face over my regular stuff. At first I was self concious because the foundation was slightly darker than my actual skin tone. And I laid it on. You could really see it. At least, I could. But I started to get compliments that my face cleared up. I'd confess that it was make-up. Nice to know that people notice.

My face felt really great! I had no problems with it. The foundation did provide extra moisture plus sunscreen. It actually cleared up my face. My face does not sting anymore when I apply Eucerin. I think my skin has healed.

My back was another story. I can't properly moisturize my back simply coz I can't reach everything even if I'm really flexible. I mentioned in an earlier post that I would apply grapeseed oil all over my body after my shower (morning and night). My skin would just dry up in less than an hour. It was worse than baby oil. That at least lasted a couple hours. So I started to moisturize every couple hours with various lotions. I found that Lubriderm with Shea and Cocoa Butter was the best. It stung a little while I was still extra dry. Apply aloe gel first then the lotion will help lessen the sting considerably. So most of my body was okay... except my back which started to really hurt. I would move slightly and it would feel like the skin was about to tear.

I had just bought Burt's Bees Body Butter. It was great on most areas of my skin (that had already started to heal since I was moisturizing every couple of hours). I had my mom put it on my back. Bad idea. It was made with honey and orange wax. It felt like someone whipped my back then squeezed oranges (limes even) on it. That lasted a good 10 minutes.

The next day, I put on the grapeseed oil again in the morning and was very dry by lunch. Don't ask how it felt in the afternoon. I don't know how I did any work, honestly. Anyway, that night, I asked my mom to apply Aquaphor on my back. That's a burn remedy. It's main ingredient is petrolanium(?). Yup, major petrolium product. I've been avoiding this and Vaseline petrolium jelly because they feel so yucky on the skin plus, they are by products of refining crude oil. But it's the only product(s) that have relieved my skin. I now only moisturize twice a day (morning and night) with Vaseline Petrolium Jelly. It's greasy as heck. I don't know how I'm gonna cope in the summer. But at least I'm not hurting.

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the philosphical bastard said...

well this was informative. i should try cocoa butter on myself sometime =)