Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hair Whack

I've been growing my hair for almost a year now. When I was almost bald (my peach fuzz phase) I wore a hat all the time. A couple of months after, I had enough gumption to take it off and spike my hair (hedgehog phase). As it grew longer, I just looked like a boy with a bad hair cut. Recently, it turned into a mullet.

So I walk into a random hair salon. We were on our way home from the car dealer. Near the car dealer was the Hot Head salon.

They primarily spoke Korean. I was hoping language was not going to be a barrier. Since they had no other customer, they had the guy take care of me. He spoke even less english than the girls. But the girl had said, "He good hair cut." while making scissor signs with her hands.

They showed me the picture book and they asked me to pick a style. I closed it and said I just wanted them to trim the back since my mullet was tickling my nape and driving me nuts.

So the guy comes along and again I said I just want him to trim the back. He said no and started to flip through the picture book. I tried to explain that I didn't think I had enough hair to style. But he was pointing to this pixie cut that was kinda long in front. I asked him if he could do that and he nodded. So I surrendered myself to his layering scissors.

So he trimmed here and there. He was deliberate. He seemed to know what he was doing. When he was done cutting, my hair had a different feel to it already. Then he was talking about Hair Whack. What?!?!? Hair Whack he repeated. Then showed me a tub of hair wax. AHHH. He showed me how to work it into my hair.

It actually looked styled. I was very impressed. So much so that I bought a tub of that Hair Whack - excuse me - Hair Wax.

For the first time in about a year, I felt really good about my hair.

Here's a picture taken 6/30.


Jason Marcial said...

Hi Cheng, you made me smile with this. Thanks for this humorous story.

I checked your profile and was delighted to see you like 80's music. That makes you doubly cool in my book.

carl said...

Cool! hahaha you should post a picture!

To tell the truth, to me you will always be the teenage girl with a bob and that thin, whip-like thing made of long hair left sticking down on one side. that's the iconic xyz to me.

ah the world without hair. I'm not sure if you were still here when my hairline started receding with such terrifying pace. anyway, long after you left, i started wearing hair pieces. today, i decided to go to work without it. (see

wala lang, it's just funny that i read about your own hair experience now.

post a picture! (it's the Korean involvement that's making me supercurious)

carl said...

your hair looks really healthy and your daughter looks so much like you.

Anonymous said...

Please keep updating your blog. Waiting for more...

Jing said...

Thank you so much for your blog. Please keep writing... I am a 46 year-old Chinese, female, non-smoker, and got exactly the same type of cancer as you have. I was diagnosed on March 13, 2007 and started Tarceva on April 3, 2007 and chemo on April 10, 2007. I just finished chemo two weeks ago and I am continuing on Tarceva. I don't know what will be waiting for me ahead, but I am going to deal with whatever comes and beat the beast.

Granny said...

Hi Cheng,
I just found your blog, and wanted to know if you were still keeping it up or abandoning it. I am also fighting Lung Cancer, had chemo, surgery, and it came back. I am now on Tarceva, putting up with the rash, but found some great ways to deal with it. The chemo made me lose my hair but it is now aobut 3 inches long again Please post again.