Monday, November 17, 2008

Excuse my lapse

And again, I have fallen off the blogging wagon.

Since my last entry, here's the latest. I'm making it short and sweet and I will go back and fill in the details later.

Aug 20 - last entry
Aug 28 - next chemo cycle under the new insurance
Sep 10 - CT scan as a baseline to watch if the fluid in the lungs come back (remember I had it extracted in July)
Sep 16 - CT results - I have fluid again (more than before) that needs extraction ASAP
OCT 20 - extract fluid from lung (yes, that's what ASAP means)
OCT 21 - PET scan
OCT 22 - another chemo cycle ends (no results yet from the scan). What my doc told me was reassuring though, "Whatever the result of the scan, you are doing really well and you are feeling good. We will try to keep that going for as long as possible. If the result is good, we will continue as is. If not, we'll do something else. Don't worry too much about it." I really took that to heart.
OCT 29 - another chemo cycle starts. PET scan results are bad. Tumor grew and spread.
OCT 31 - talked to lung doctor who prescribes pleurodesis (seal the space between lung and chest wall to avoid fluid collecting)
Nov 1 - My cousin refers me to a friend of hers who is a lung cancer researcher for Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Start researching on an interesting clinical trial.
Nov 17 - first visit to Johns Hopkins.
Nov 20 - Pleurodesis

I've skipped a lot of detail and I'll go back to fill it in.


Anonymous said...


Kathy Emery told me the latest and please be assured of my daily prayers. Sending good thoughts and blessings your way---Mary Schugsta

Dean said...

Happy to see a new post! My cousin had pleurodesis and it wasn't that bad for her. I hope yours went well.

Anonymous said...

haven't seen a post in awhile...hoping that all is well with you

Dean said...

Hi X - I'm glad to see my last comment was posted. Hope your pleurodesis recovery is going well. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

please let us know how you are has been awhile.