Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Insurance - SURE it is!

Our company decided to switch insurance providers this year (first time in 3 years). That took effect on the first of this month. That first week, I had chemo scheduled. While the doctor was hooking me up, I chatted with him and told him about the insurance switch.

Good thing he hadn't hooked me up yet (He was about to. The needle was ready - all he had to do was pierce) or I would have had to pay for it out of pocket since you need pre-authorization for chemo.

We tried to call everyone. HR in our company had not yet submitted our papers since the decision was made close to the switch date. I knew I could not get authorization until at least 2 days after we were in the system. I finally got my insurance card on the 15th. Unfortunately, my doctor was gone this week and I had a conference to attend out of town.

I faxed my doctor's office my new card so they can get the authorization done. Best case scenario, I'll get treatment next week.

I was off treatment for 3 whole weeks. I'm happy and grateful for the break but I'm starting to get nervous. I notice every single ache and pain. I'm doing all my energy healing just to calm me down but I want to be back in treatment. (Never thought I'd say that.) But I know that it's keeping me alive and in good shape.

The title is whiney about insurance, I know I would never afford the treatments on my own. (Who can?) It's just really darned inconvenient when all medical procedures have to stop and wait for paperwork. I work for a software company. Information is supposed to pass faster than 3 weeks (OK, 2 weeks - the third week was separate conferences that were scheduled in advanced for me and my doc). Good thing it's not a matter of life and death. Oh, wait a minute...

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Dean said...

I hope your insurance situation got worked out and that all is well!