Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More details on Fuda

I've been corresponding with Fuda via e-mail and I like what I read.

Here’s some background on Fuda Cancer Center.


Location: Guangzhou, China

Proposed treatment:

1. Cryo surgery-Cryo surgery is a method to freeze the tumor directly. We can use it for primary cancer and the metastasis. If the tumor near the big artery or important organ, it is dangerous to do the cryo surgery. We will give iodine seeds implantation instead. Iodine seeds implantation is one kind of local radiation inside the tumor.

2. Local chemo-Local chemo uses a tube to look for the artery, which supply the tumor. Then we inject the chemo medicine directly inside the tumor. Its' does is less than general chemo,but the side effect is less than general chemo. And chemo medicine can work much better inside the tumor.

3. Immunotherapy-Immunotherapy is the treatment for the whole body. We use different ways together. First, subcutaneous injection with multiple nonspecific vaccine; second, injection ad acumen with Interleukin-2; third, DC+CTL cells immunotherapy; fourth, some medicine orally. The treatment is especially good for preventing metastasis and recurrence, slowing the growth of cancer, improving general health, and boosting the immune system after the effects of chemo therapy.
DC+CTL cell immunotherapy; Four times Subcutaneous injection with multiple nonspecific vaccine and injectio ad acumen with Interleukin-2. Take low dose Naltrexone 2.5mg (antagonist of recipient of opioid ) orally every day for two months.

Typically 3-4 weeks.

Target travel date: April

Estimated cost: $25,000

Next step: fund raising

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Dean said...

Very interesting, your posts are the first I've heard of Fuda. It's great to see you're being so proactive. I'll be keeping an eye out for fundraising info! Take Care.