Thursday, June 24, 2010

PET scan - 6/15/2010 Official Results

Unfortunately, it's bad.  I'm worse off in every measureble way.  Number of tumors, size and activity.  At this point, the numbers don't even seem to matter.
So, I start on chemo again tomorrow.  Taxotere.  One of the first drugs I used.  My doctor is taking me off of platinum.  She doesn't think my kidneys can take any more being on them for 4 years.
I pray for the grace of endurance.  I know that this is not over yet.  I know that the news is very disappointing but I don't want to give in to fear.  I cling to my faith and surround myself with hope and love.  As I know you all are doing.  (Much appreciated.)

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Suburban Wildflower said...

Dear Cheng,

The road ahead does seem long. I'm with you praying you defy gravity.