Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chemo cycle 1 - day 4

I made the dumbest mistake today. I didn't eat breakfast. I was up by 8am. I felt real great. Hardly any fatigue. I e-mailed for about an hour and then watched TV with my daughter for another hour. By 11am, I was so drained. So drained, I couldn't even stand. Have you ever played one of those fighting games where you see your energy level? When someone is beating you up, your levels just go down and your reflexes are slower... That's how it felt. I really wanted to move. My fingers would not respond. There were thousands of crickets in my ears - another known side effect of chemo. I felt like I was in the middle of a forest.

My husband had to feed me honey just to get some energy in me. So now, I eat every 3 hours. That seems to be working well.

I was hoping to have recovered some energy today. Doesn't feel like it. I'm still pooped. Even too pooped to pray. But then that makes me even more desperate. I can't let go of my faith now. So I cling with every fiber of my being...

I had friends visit me from work today... Thanks, guys! You're the greatest!!! JC - the juice hit the right spot. It was yummy!!! EG - I haven't tried the banana bread but Kel says it's great!

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