Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dana Reeves

Like many people, I was shocked to hear about Dana Reeves death last night. We have the same lung cancer - adenocarcinoma. We're both young, non-smoking, otherwise (other from the cancer) healthy females. I bet she had the latest and greatest medical care. She died 7 months after diagnosis.

I remember that whenever I'd tell somebody I had lung cancer I'd say - "I have the same thing as Mrs. Christopher Reeves has." Fact is, the younger you are, the more aggressive the cancer is. She was 45? I'm 30.

Yes, I'm terrified. How do I deal? I don't. I pray and surrender it all. I know I have no control over this. So, I let it go. Easy way out? Actually, it is. You should try it sometime....


Jing Dizon said...

Dearest Cheng,

It is terrifying, I know, because we do not know what is going to happen next at the end of the tunnel and we have no control of anything --- but remember that God is there and when you feel afraid, image yourself at the foot of the cross and ask Him to embrace you and shower you with His love until you feel peace and your fears will disappear. We just have to keep on begging the Lord and praying.... Our love to you always-Tita Jing

jopaw said...

I was diagnosed in 2003 with huge tumo r in my chest-almost occupying my entire chest,and it almost killed me according to doctors.I underwent 6 mos.chemo and 21 days radiation plus 3 days of emergency radiation to keep me from choking from massive tumor growth!I FEEL YOUR MISERY MAYBE NOT ENTIRELY BUT I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH...I have 4 children..they were 3 yrs younger when I was diagnosed.I had to fight for them.
continue praying,keep smiling,and fighting! person with similar diagnosis may not have the same outcome because of attitude.
I want to share some suggestions that I've read:1]remove parasites-use the remedy that is sold in health food store.2]remove toxic metal/chemical from mouth or teeth/root canal.3]remove teflon,plasticand aluminum4]drink goji juice,coconut oil...

from a cancer patient,