Monday, March 20, 2006

chemo cycle 2 - day 1

This was a good day. I was very peppy and active. I was at the doc's office for only 5 hours this time. They were able to revv up the chemo since it's now my 2nd cycle.

I prayed some of the time. Worked most of the time. They had wireless internet. Since the side effects were not there yet, I was quite productive. It made time go by so much faster.

One of my classmates have already buzzed her hair off. I'm seriously thinking about it since I'm now afraid to shower coz I don't want to clog the drain. It's really a hassle.

After chemo, I was even able to go out for some time. I went to the pharmacy (Kel was driving), and I even passed by the office to drop off some goodies to a couple of my bosses. And I said hello to everyone else.

By the time I got home, though, I was pooped. But I received an e-mail from Liza - my best friend since I was 2! We've lost touch the last couple of years so the news of my cancer really shocked her. But I was very happy to have reconnected with her. And that reconnection revitalized me. I am reminded of the best times of our lives when we were growing up next door to each other and had no cares in the world. The last couple of years had theirs joys and difficulties, and it made it all the worse not sharing in each others lives. Well, we both knew if one reached out, the other would be there. It's nice to have friends like that...

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