Tuesday, March 21, 2006

chemo cycle 2 - day 2

Unfortunately, this was a bad day... The water was yucky tasting. I was forcing my self to just eat anything. Nothing was appealing. The only thing that made me eat was that I was really hungry. So, I forced in some soup... Not fun...

Funny thing that happened: I woke up with the hiccups. Not just ordinary little ones, these were huge hiccups. I woke up everyone. The doc says they've seen that before. They're not sure exactly what's causing it. They only lasted 15-20 mins. I had another spell in the afternoon. The novelty wore off...

I worked a little bit. Took my mind off what what happening to my body. Not too long, though, my mind started to turn to mush in an hour or so. But the mental activity was good.

Burke went to ballet class for the first time and she dazzled us with the new steps she learned. Highlight of my day.

I was up from 2am to 5am. Mom was with me. We prayed a little bit which always helps. I try to open myself up to blessings from the prayers other people are sending my way as well. Thanks, everyone!!!

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Vickie E-Y said...

Dear Cheng,
You are always in my mind each day, my prayers for you always.
Vickie Espinosa-Yazdani
Your dad's former FEBTC secretary.