Friday, March 03, 2006

Chemo cycle 1 - day 5

I actually slept on my back last night. I have not done that in a month! I couldn't due to severe coughing (cancer related). The doctor says that the coughs will get better as we start chemo but I did not expect it this soon. I'm already taking this as a really good sign that the cancer is responding.


freddiez41 said...

Yo yo sis, Im glad you have this website where you post all the events thats taking place. I admire you on how you put your daily activities into writing. I spoke with Diday and she mentioned that all of this reminds her of her Mom when she was sick.. When you're too tired, don't worry bout prayers, leave it to us. Hang in there sister, we're all in this together.


freddiez41 said...
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