Tuesday, April 15, 2008

blog.. blog.. blog... (blah... blah.. blah..)

I'm not feeling particularly funny today. Work was blah... I mean, typical of work, it was extremely hectic... I've got tons of stuff on my plate. So I've decided not to ever write about work again since it's just blah...

Now, about my co-workers... Just kidding...

I've been exploring other blogs to see what makes a good blog. They advise you to talk about a specific topic. You should have a target audience. I saw this blogger who had 3 blogs: One about food, another on her workout routine and a thrid one that was her "personal" blog.

I tried doing a strictly cancer one. That didn't turn out so well. Notice there's no entries between July 07 and Feb 08. I can't dwell on my illness. It's depressing. I can't keep researching about it either -- same reason.

I am trying out alternative therapies. I'm doing Reiki and other energy healing. It's just weird though. I shouldn't say that. It's really had a profound effect on my life as a whole so it's hard to put into words. (Who's eloquent now?) Maybe I'm not ready to talk about it yet.

I have decided to take formal Reiki classes after 2 years of being on the receiving end of it. I'm just curious to see how it is on the giving side.

I had treatment today (More details on my treatment in A truly happy birthday). I had Avastin so it's a light day. I was in the doc's office in the morning and at work by 11am. No side effects. The heavy treatment will be coming up next Tue. But I expect to work even that afternoon and just work through the discomfort. It's not too bad. I'd feel worse if I took the day off and get an enormous amount of e-mail and tasks... (That's about work so ...)

Back to the blog... One blog is good. Every other day seems to be a good rate. I can't guarantee to be always funny but I surely will try.

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