Sunday, April 13, 2008

wax profane

Last night or very early this morning, like 2 a.m., I was working (note it is Sunday). I was furiously sending an e-mail. I was extremely frustrated about the whole situation so I just caved in. (Much more about this situation that I'm not willing to divulge to the public.) The last sentence on the e-mail read,

"If the package is acceptable, kindly ask ... to make this package available for deployment, else, please detail the deficiencies of the package back to me and I shall aim to resolve the matter expeditiously."

I actually meant, "F*** you!" Or at least, that's what I was thinking as I furiously tapped the keyboard.

The beauty of wrapping profanity in eloquent jargon is that I have total deniability. And, believe me, if you're from the office and that line seems familiar, I will deny it.

For some weird reason, it actually feels good. The anger is realeased. Feels like slapping a "Kick me" sign on their back. I got back at them without their knowing it. Man, am I a nerd, or what?

Plus, come Monday morning, or whenever the the issue finally gets off my plate, the frustration goes with it and I'm left with a decent e-mail I know won't get fired for.

Anyway, I don't think I can actually seriouly curse at someone like that. Not just because I've cleansed my vocabulary so as to not accidentaly spew profanily in front of my 5 year old. I just feel that it is such an attack on a person. Although I must say, I'm not the overly sensitive type who is shocked when some obscenity ensues. Just ask my cublicle neighbor who gets colorful in his language at times. I just don't spew it. Because it is like sneezing while lying down. All that spit comes back down and sprays you in the face.

If I really think about it, I know they're not really attacking me by giving me more work. They just want to get the job done. It could have been handled in a better way though.

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