Friday, April 11, 2008

Truly Twisted

I found one of my favorite writers through Google. She's a funny and snarky commentator I used to follow in Manila during my days in university. I loved her writing because she's extremely smart and so very eloquent. I'd buy the newspaper on whichever day her column would come out. I'd listen to the radio on days her show was on. I clung to her every word.

Then I stopped. I migrated and just didn't think about her until a couple of days ago when I googled her and found her website. She had tons of stuff on there. And again, I basked in her snark.

Then I remembered why I stopped reading her. She was and still is very angry. She admits it. She was very angry in high school and that fueled her writings. When she's not funny, her anger comes through quite strong. I'm the type of person who absorbs negative energy and I try to correct it. But I internalize it. And I'm not always successful at correcting the energy. I get stuck with it.

Plus, she lives in Manila where there is much social ills (well, there ain't no utopia). She had an article about this young boy who is just disturbed. He had a difficult life, true. But she can't really do anything about it. I certainly can't do anything about it. I'm left with such frustration. I could not get the point why she wrote about him.

I won't stop reading her. I'll comb through her site to find her snarky treasures. Just maybe avoid the potholes of anger.

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