Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A truly happy birthday

Just turned 33. This birthday was much better than the last one (Birthday Sigh). Last year, I was going through Tarceva and the havoc it wrought to my skin (On the pill. My new regimen). Plus the fact that that was a failed attempt.
May 2007 - my scan showed that the tumor increased in size. (Hard Blow)
June 2007 - changed to the Alimta/Avastin therapy.

This birthday was much better since the new therapy showed progress.
Dec 2007 - positive scan. YAY!!! (Two years later... )

Plus, we've been tweaking the regimen so that it's easier on me.
1) I only take half dose of steroids (Dexamethozone). That was a BIG help. My appetite is good. I eat better. Still having issues with drinking water but it's still an improvement.
2) I get Alimta on Day 1 and Avastin on Day 14. (This is on a 21 day cycle.) It was more difficult for me to recover when I got them on the same day. Used to get them all on Day 1.

It's really working. I'm not miserable during my treatment days anymore. That makes me happy.


What did I do during my birthday?
The night before, we all went out for a Sushi dinner. YUM!!!
The day of my birthday, I spent with my family at my daughter's Spring Fiesta school event. Lots of fun and games. Just the fact that I got to spend my birthday with my family made it very special.

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