Tuesday, April 15, 2008

poetry... shmoetry

I dislike poetry. I try to avoid it, if possible. I'm more of a prose kind of girl. Not just the hot and steamy kind, just prose in general. Why? Because poetry leads to war.

Think about it. Poetry is extremely subjective. A line of poetry may by interpreted in many different ways. That can only lead to misunderstanding. And we all know that war could possibly be brought about by misunderstanding / miscommunication.

If you're gonna say something, say it straight. Say it in prose! That's why they don't make laws in poetry. Or the news...

Every single day, he brought us the mail
Letters, Bills, Fliers and Sales
We did not realize he was so resentful
Today, he just decided to go postal

Yes, my poetry is atrocious! It's direct. No hidden meanings. And it rhymes (which is the worst part). Maybe that's why I dislike it so. How many times (especially in high school) has someone had you read their poetry? And it was bad? I mean, I make bad poetry, but I've read much worse. It's very difficult to critique poetry. Since it means so much to the writer. It just would be rare that I would connect to a poem. Maybe it's not poetry... Maybe it's me... (I seriously doubt that but I'll leave the possibility open.)

Ever read Lord of the Rings? Did you read through all that poetry? Honestly.

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