Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 10 - Stop over: SF

We arrived in San Francisco April 9 at 3pm.  My eldest brother picked us up.  I love San Fran.  Mainly because I have so much family there - so many wonderful memories.  It feels like home.  It's like I never left.  Even if I had not been there in 2 years. 
That afternoon, we did some last minute shopping.  I went to Half-Priced books to stock up on reading material for China.  Payless for comfy sandals.  My other brother met us for dinner.  It was an awesome re-union. 
The next day we all went to our cousin's baby's baptism at San Juan Bautista.  It's a 300 year old Spanish mission overlooking the San Andreas fault.  My Aunt loves this church and taught us all to appreciate it.  After the ceremony, the priest took me aside for Anointing of the Sick.  I was so happy to receive this sacrament right before I journey to the unknown.  The reception was in a local restaurant serving authentic Mexican food.  YUM!!
More shopping later at the Gilroy outlets.  Mom needed some shoes of her own.  I stayed in the car with the kiddies.  They had their game consoles and various toys.  I still got to talk to them about movies, school, etc...
We all went to Sunday mass as a family (Saturday vigil).  Then another cousin came to visit that night.  We were laughing until our guts burst!
The next day we had breakfast at IHOP near the airport.  That's a bit of a tradition in our family since it's the closest restaurant to the airport.  2 other cousins met us there.  More laughter ensued.
It was difficult for me to leave San Fran.  I just got there.  I miss the feeling of being ensconced in my family's embrace.

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