Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 13 - settling in

Didn't really do anything this day.  Mom changed some local currency.  A security officer escorted her and others to the bank.  They told us that in the future, we need only request for escort to the bank the day before.  She bought some fruit on the way back.
We also put in our security deposit (about $3K).  They give us a daily accounting of expenses.
Connected to the internet for the first time.  Banged my head against the great firewall.  No Facebook.  (I still get e-mail notifications so I read messages to me.)  No blog (  Blog workaround:  Blogger has this function where you can e-mail your posts for automatic posting.  I asked my cousin to help set this up.  Viola!  My cousin is also admin on xyzHopes and she updates the status.  (Thanks, Yas!!!)
I can access e-mail sites: google and yahoo.  Mom accessed her Hotmail.  I'm on chat via yahoo, skype and google.  I've got Trillian so I can monitor my chat accounts at the same time from one application.
Chat has helped me to deal with jet lag. (Thanks, Lisa!!!)  It helps to have friends in opposite time zones.
Food is amazing.  I'm describing hospital food.  The hospital is associated with a specific restaurant that delivers food to the rooms.  The nutritionist takes your order.  (You have the option to get from somewhere else or cook your own.  Since mom and I don't eat too much, we opted for their service.)  Tip: it helps to have your own utensils.  

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