Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15 - Treatment plan

At 4pm, the doctor came in with the PET scan images/result.  It's official.  I'm Stage 4.  There is some metastasis in the liver.  Although, there is much improvement in the lungs.
Treatment Plan:
Apr 16 - Cryosurgery on lung (posterior lobe)
          - Immuno therapy - take 60 ml blood, culture 8 days then infuse back for 4 days.  Subcutaneous injection and accupuncture point injection with medicine which can improve immune function 4 times.
Apr 22 - cryosurgery and iodine seed implant on liver tumor
Apr 28 - cryosurgery and iodine seed implant on lung tumor (anterior lobe)
discharge: May 4  (estimate)
see Fuda Hospital site for more details on the treatments (
I'm super excited.  The liver metastasis does not faze me.  Mainly since there is a plan.  I have every confidence in my doctors.
I asked after discharge, what next?  I'll need a PET scan after 4 weeks or so.  Perfect. I was trying to get a scan before I left.  Insurance was giving me a hard time so it was postponed to May 29.  Perfect timing.  Then it all depends on the result of this scan.


Mikesha said...

Hi Xenia- I just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and you are in my prayers.
Hugs & Kisses- Mikesha

Maria Isabel said...

We're praying for you, Cheng. It's so good that you're full of faith and hope! Positive thoughts and energy going your way right now.


Web said...

Dear Cheng and Auring - you are in my strongest thoughts and hopes. You both are brave and am grateful you are together. Love, Becky Web too sends very good wishes.