Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23 - 6pm - youth advantage

Today was a good day.  I felt good enough to get up and walk.  (I've been doing that since yesterday.)  Despite the cancer, my body is strong and it heals fast and heals well even from trauma like cryosurgey.  Given, it's minimally invasive.  But I'm so thankful to see that parts of my immune system still works.   My youth is a definite advantage.  The nurses are surprised that I'm up and about in less than 24 hours.
I truly believe I can beat this.  Now, even more so.
Mom got some rambutan (spiky Malaysian fruit).  YUM!!!  Haven't had that in years!
Here's a list of what you should bring if you ever come to Fuda:
1) toilet paper (6 roll pack - you can buy more at the supermarket if you run out)
2) paper towels
3) towels
4) everyday wear for the patient - pajamas (nice ones so you can move around the hall in them)
5) toiletries
6) utensils + plates + bowls (depends on what you like to eat in; microwavable)
7) tabo - if you don't know what this is, you don't need it
If you are a first timer, you are given:
1) a fruit basket
2) 2 rolls of toilet paper (you don't get any replacements)
3) 2 pairs of rubber slippers (useful)
4) 2 hand towels
5) bucket
6) 2 glass cups
Other interesting tidbits:
1) each room has a water dispenser.  1st 5-gallon bottle is free.  10rmb per refill
2) they won't give you accupuncture/traditional chinese medicine unless you request it
3) I was advised to bring a rice cooker.  Mom and I opted to order from their food service since we don't eat much.  You'll save so much more if you eat out or cook your own food. 

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Anonymous said...

See? Xenia, I was right when I told you that one must carry toilet paper when traveling to China. ;)