Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19 - still recovering

I had more medications infused today.  No nausea but no appetite either.  Finished at 3pm and was eating a little bit at a time.  I developed a little bit of a cough.  Little bit of blood coming out.  They gave me a nebulizer.  Maybe tomorrow, an herbal tea.  The treatments are really a fusion of east and west.  They gave me an option to say no to any of the procedures but I'm willing to try it out.
An accupuncturist came to see me.  I told him about my neuropathy (numbness in hands and feet).  He did accupuncture with electricity (like a muscle stimulator connected to the needles).  It hurt a little.  He said that's to be expected if I'm not used to it.  I also had to get used to just needles last year when I did it in the US.  I'll be doing this everyday for a week then twice a week after that.  I had mentioned my interest in accupuncture before I got to see the guy.  The hospital did not insist on the therapy. 
Segs came to say hello (the Filipino nurse who is in the welcoming committee).  His name is Segundo (meaning "second") and he's got III tagged on his name.  I asked him your name is "The Second - The Third"?.  Yep.  Ok...  He's organizing a gathering for Filipino patients so we can socialize and share rides to church on Sunday.  I also need a recommendation for a good dumpling place nearby.  Hehehe...
He also said that the episode of "The Correspondents" featuring Fuda is available on YouTube.  Just search for Nestor Bonifacio.  It's mostly in Filipino but they show how the procedures are done.
There's nothing interesting on TV tonight.  There are only 6 channels.
1 - The Filipino Channel (ABS-CBN)
2 - NewsAsia
3 - National Geographic (Military Monday is on tonight)  :-(
4 - CNN (All about the Iceland eruption)
6 - Star Movies Asia (some B movie with Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris is on)
7 - hospital channel (news featuring the hospital - mostly in chinese.  They show "The Correspondents" episode regularly.)
I'm actually sleepy.  Looks like jet lag is finally letting go.  Hopefully, I'll sleep through the night.

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