Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 23 - a little sore but otherwise ok

A day after my 2nd cryosurgery, I'm doing ok.  There's some soreness and minimal pain.  I can walk to the bathroom (since I refuse to pee in a bedpan).  So, I'm pretty good.
When they took me yesterday, they took me down to the ultrasound guided operating room (as opposed to the CT guided).  The nurse opened the operating room door.  The other patient wasn't done yet!!!! I had to look away.  Then a stream of Chinese ensued.  In my head, the dialogue was like, "Hello, we're not done yet!!!".
"Well, what will I do with this one then?"
Why is it that when we can't understand the language, we assume they're arguing?
So, I waited out in the hall for a little while.  A nurse opened the OR door and started to talk in rapid Chinese - and ended her sentence with 'OK?'  <big smile>  Mixing of English and Chinese.  (Are you a Firefly fan?)  hmmmm...  Its happening!
I'm skipping over the actual procedure since I was asleep for most of it anyway.
They took me to the ICU around noon.  Like I said, I was just a little sore.  They wrapped me up really good.  (Parang naka bigkis.)  I wasn't going through jet lag anymore so I wasn't in the least sleepy. 
(TMI to follow - don't say I didn't warn you.  Skip this paragraph if you're squeemish.)
I wanted to pee around 2pm.  I asked if I could go to the bathroom.  The nurse said maybe tomorrow and setup the bedpan.  No matter what I did, my bladder refused to cooperate.  So I told the nurse maybe later.  My doctor came to see me at 4pm.  She asked how I was and all I could say was I had to pee really bad!!!  I told her I was fine otherwise so she told me she'd get a nurse to bring me to my room.  I said, "Good!  i can pee there!".  At this point, I was really hurting.  It had to be the bedpan.  I'm cursed with a very stubborn bladder.  Only  a little came out - enough to take the edge off.  They brought me back to my room before 6pm.  My nurses there let me go to the toilet like a normal person.
Moral of the story:  Pee before any medical procedure.  Unless you've got a catheter.  Or if you're a guy.
On the way out of the ICU, I saw a great sign:  Female Clothing Exchange (It was the Changing Room).

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