Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 28 - Cryosurgery (lung - anterior lobe)

Last night, the nurses reminded me that my cryosurgery is scheduled today.  I had been fasting since midnight.
This morning, my doctor came to see me to see how I was doing.  Then she checked for my schedule.  I was 7th on the list.  Probably in the afternoon, she said.  She let me have a boiled egg and some water.  So now I'm just waiting.
I'm not really worried.  The last 2 times I went through cryo, it wasn't so bad.  I expect a 24-hour recovery period.
I still have my neuropathy, though.  My fingers and toes are still numb and feel like pins and needles.  Control is getting better, though.  Yesterday, after accupuncture, the accupuncturist gave me a massage on my legs.  I complained that they were very stiff and numb.  The massage hurt a little while he was doing it but feels so much better now.  It might take a while for the chemo to clear from my body.
Another lung cancer patient shared to me that he's been doing coffee enemas for months.  This has worked to control his disease without chemo or radiation.  The coffee enema clears out the liver where all toxins go.  Interesting concept.  I might try it when I get back.

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