Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20 - Please be fasting

I miss Facebook.  Really.  My network in my fingertips.  I didn't do much today.  I had an infusion of more antibiotics since my doctor was still hearing sounds when listening to my chest. Nothing on TV to distract me.  Just felt like a really long day.  The good news is that my body finally realized it's not chemo.  I was able to eat a little while doing the infusion.  No nausea.  Yay!
I have a blood test tomorrow morning.  There is a sign near my bed saying "Please be fasting".  No food or water from midnight onward.  Blood test is at 7am.
I had my second accupuncture treatment.  It didn't hurt too much today.  My body is starting to get used to it.
I started my herbal tea regimen.  The herb is called the caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps sinensis).  This is what the write-up says...
Cordyceps sinensis is a valuable herb in China, and together with ginseng and deer horn the three major Chinese herbs are known as tonic.  Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the Chinese caterpillar fungus will be absorbed into the lung and kidney meridian, nourishing both lung 'yin', and kidney 'yang'.  Mainly can treat kidney deficiency, impotence and wet dream (who wants to be rid of that?), waist and knee pain, post-disease sickness, weakness after a long period of cough with bloody sputum, spontaneous persperation.  This medicine is the only one that can balance both yin and yang.
People claim it is majical.  Since ancient times, it is known as "the grass of the Gods".
It really looks like little caterpillars.  Doesn't taste bad.  I'm not going to fantasize about an ice cream in this flavor but as teas go, it's alright.  According to the resident Chinese medicine practitioner, it compliments immunotherapy making it more effective.

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