Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16 - Cryosurgery right lung posterior lobe

About 7 am, a nurse came in to draw blood.  I was dreading it since I was so dehydrated.  I had been fasting since midnight and I already had difficult veins (drawing blood from me is a pain).  Anyway, we pointed out the fact that I had a port (this circilar thing connected to my jugular making access to my blood stream a lot easier).  One look at it and the nurse left and came back with the necessary equipment.  They needed 60 ml of blood for immunotherapy culture.  2 huge syringes.  It took time but she got it.
Around 9am, they picked me up to bring me to cryosurgery.  I changed from my cute pjs to official hospital garb (didn't want to stain my stuff with betadine).  The hospital pjs were huge!  I was drowning in it.  One size fits all and they were thinking of big European men when they were making this (Rob could fit in it!). 
They had me lie on my tummy in a CT scanner.  They used the CT scan to position the cryo probes right at the tumor.  When they started the IV, they used my port. Phew!  Last thing I remembered was that the doc was poking me in the back then everyone left the room and the CT scanner started.  Next thing, (I thought no time had passed) I woke up in the same position and everyone was disconnecting me from IVs, monitors, etc...  Then they lifted me from the CT scan bed to another gurney and flipped me on my back - not quite like a pancake but carefully.  My brain was like - Then it must be over and I'm lying on my wounds!!!  Then I felt the soreness in my back.  Owie!!
Off to the ICU.  It was 11am.  Mostly, I slept through the pain.  They did start immunotherapy.  They injected me with CIC on the upper left arm in the ICU.  I was hungry and nauseous at the same time.  Must be the general anesthsia.  
Around 5pm, they took me back to my room.  It was good to see mom.  I knew she was nervous.  A nurse came in to do more immunotherapy shots on my left knee.

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Aggie said...

Thanks for the regular update. You and your Mom are two of the strongest and bravest women I know. We will keep on praying.