Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21 - wanderings

Tomorrow, I'll do more cryosurgery (liver metastasis).  So I'm fasting again starting midnight.  The doctor asked me today whether I was ready.  YES!  I'm feeling a tightness on my right side from the last cryo.  She said that the lung needs to be trained to expand fully.  She was happy to hear I was ready.
Today was the 3rd session of acupuncture.  I'm actually feeling more control in my fingers. 
Cost of 1 acupuncture session in the US = $100.  In China = $10.
For the first time today, I wandered out of my room.  I was searching for funny English signs.  I'm still compiling those.  I felt a little guilty for poking fun at their English but I wouldn't go anywhere else for cancer treatment.  That does not assuage my guilt but I still need my small amusements

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