Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29 - last procedure - details

April 28 (Wed) - The nurses started to prep me for the procedure around 5pm.  The last meal I had was the light breakfast the doctor had me take at 10am which was a boiled egg, milk and jello.   They took me down to the CT guided OR around 5.30pm.
While waiting, I met a Filipina mother who was accompanying her 10 year old son (who was still in the OR undergoing iodine seed implant).  It was their second time in Fuda.  They expected only local chemo, but due to the PET scan results, the doctors recommended iodine seed implant.  She had a hard time preparing her son.  She wished that the doctors warned them that the treatment plan may change depending on the scan results.
Then it was my turn.  They had me lie on the CT bed.  Then I had to sign the consent form.  Then more prepping going on around me and the I was out.  When I opened my eyes, I thought no time had passed.  I asked the doctor, "Finished?".
Doctor:  "Finish."
Me:  "How many cryo probes did you use?"
Doctor:  "4."
The wheeled me into the ICU at 6.30pm.  I had a feeling I'd be there overnight since my doctor probably went home and will only be able to order my return when she arrives in the morning.  Just like all my other procedures, no one bothered to tell mom that I was done in the OR and was in the ICU.  She did not even know that I would not be returning that night.  I remember my first two procedures, I asked the nurses in the ICU to tell my mom I was done.  They said, "Yes."
I was really cold.  Probably the general anesthesia.  The nurses put me under 2 winter blankets.  I also was not feeling like eating.  Around 1am, they asked me if I was hungry.  I did not think I could eat so I said no.  I threw up once around 2am.
This time, I knew I would not be able to get away from using the bedpan since they were pumping lots of liquids via IV.
The doctor came around 9am.  She said I only need to have x-rays done then I'll be brought to my room.  I opted to wait to go to the bathroom in my room.
We went to the x-ray.  The nurse noticed my discomfort.  I told her I had to pee.  After my x-ray, she brought me back to ICU.  I went to the bathroom.  Lo and behold!  It's a squat toilet!  It's a friggin' hole in the ground.  I was still a little weak but I concentrated on squatting and getting it done.  I was wobbly getting up.  The nurse was saying Careful! and Slowly!  Really?  There's no slowly coming from a full squat with your knees shaking.  No wonder ICU patients are not allowed to go to the toilet. 
She then brought me back to the room.  Mom was outside since they were still disinfecting the room.  They wrapped things up as soon as I got there.  It was nice to be back.
I could not eat all day.  I had jello.  Some congee (rice porridge) for lunch.  I was nauseous all day.  The weather was bad so there was no CNN or NatGeo.  O well...

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