Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30 - feeling much better

My appetite and energy have returned.  I'm getting lots of meds today.  I've got  a total of 11 bags/bottles.  It started at 10am and finished before 5pm.
I got more CIC (Immunotherapy) injections on both shoulders.  My shoulders had just recovered from the last dose.  Now they'll be sore again.  I keep moving them so the meds will spread faster rather than just hang out in my muscle feeling like bruises. 
I found the schedule for Channel 6 - StarMovies.  In StarMoviesAsia.TV, choose location Philippines. 
CNN (Channel 4)  is back.  Channel 3 is now Discovery Travel & Living (Travel Channel and FLN).
Segs (Service Administrator) came by to visit.  He was the one who noticed that my energy was back.  He said I was smiling again.  Yesterday, I was just lethargic.

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