Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 22 8am - cryosurgery (liver)

I'm just waiting for them to pick me up for my procedure.  The "Please be fasting" sign on my bedside reminding me not to have the juicy ripe mango in the fridge.

TV - I'm watching too much.  A lot of TFC (The Filipino Channel).  One thing I do appreciate is that they sign off at 1am.  They play the national anthem and stop broadcasting.  That's unheard of in the US.  They want to be green?  How about signing-off TV stations for 4 hours at night?  Who watches infomercials anyway?  Is the cost (in dollars and environmental costs) really worth 24 hour entertainment?

I do miss the Philippines.  It's summer there now. (It's all I see on TV!)  Mangoes are ripe.  I miss sitting under the shade of another tree (Mango trees have a LOT of ants on them) while eating mangoes.  Sweet or sour.  While there's liempo (pork belly) on a grill nearby...  ooooohhhh!  FOOD TRIP!!! 

Or a dip in the beach.  Wonderful saltwater soothing the senses.  Fresh fish!  So fresh you can eat it raw!  You buy them from the fisherman directly!

Now, I am regretting not passing by Manila while I'm here in the area. But I'm glad I'll see my cousin Tel in Hong Kong if only for a few days. 

Actually, I don't regret it too much not going home at this time.  It's election season.  Philippine politics makes my skin crawl.


lisa said...

Hey Xenia, just thinking about you, wanted to say HI! I hope the liver cryosurgery went well, and you, as always, are in my thoughts and prayers..

love, me

Dean said...

Great to see you posting every day, X! You are quite a good writer btw, keep it coming. Still hard to believe you were able to raise the funds and go to China so quickly, you must have some great family and friends!

KO said...

Hang in there X! We miss you over here. Tom Laba is here from VT and asked about you, so we updated him. He says hello.
I love you blogs, definitely carries us through all of the procedures and your life while at Fuda.
Can't wait to have you back in the States. Stay strong and the power of positive thought goes a long way--but you already know this.
Love and prayers,