Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 17 - 18 - recovering from cryo

The weekend was pretty much the same.  Spent most of it in bed.  Most of the time tethered to some infusion bottle.  It's not chemo but antibiotics, anti-inflamatories... etc.  Unfortunately, my body is more difficult to convince.  I'm nauseous and I'm vomitting every so often.  I can't eat.  It's probably memories associated with infusion.  My body thinks it's chemo and it's reacting accordingly.  I'm trying to let go of the fear but it's difficult when you are then and there.  The doctor made the infusions go faster so that I was done by 4pm.  She says patients get meds 3 or 4 days after the procedure.  So, I may have 1 or 2 more days ahead of me.
When I'm not being infused, I feel fine.  Not much appetite but I can eat jello.  You know how in the US, after a procedure, they always feed you jello? 
Jello story:  Saturday morning, I asked Mom for some jello so she dressed and went to the nurse's station.  The doctors were having a stand-up meeting.  She goes in the middle and asks where she can get some jello.  Of course none of them know what jello is so, they Googled it!  After reading what it was, someone chimed, "My baby eats that!".  They wrote the chinese name down on a peice of paper.  Mom went to the grocery and got it.  When she returned, some doctors were still hanging around the nurse's station.  Mom showed them her bag of jello and told them, "I got it.  For my baby!"

Something funny happened on the way to x-ray. First thing Sat morning, a nurse came by to take me to the x-ray section downstairs. SOP for lung procedures to make sure there is no extra air or liquid in the lungs. (There was none.) Anyway, I needed to go to the toilet so I stood up. The nurse looked shocked. (This is significant in a later entry.)

When I was ready, I rode on my wheelchair. At the x-ray station, I stood up and next thing I knew, my pants fell to my knees. My nurse again was shocked and surprised. I really can't understand why they give me XL pjs. Not even for asian standards will I fit in those. Apparently, I did not draw the drawstring enough. My nurse did that for me and fixed me to look decent before leaving me at the x-ray station.

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