Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 11 - en route

The flight was delayed about 30 mins or so.  Thank goodness my connecting flight from Hong Kong to Guangzhou was also Cathay Pacific so they'd probably wait for us.  While waiting for our flight, I made last minute calls to friends and family to pass the time. 
The flight itself was alright.  It was very long.  14 hours.  We all had individual TV's with on-demand programming.  I watched It's Complicated.  I read most of the way.  Only got up once  - 4 hours from HK.  I should have gotten up more.  I was really stiff.  But there's not a lot of room.  It's really cramped.  And I'm really small already.
When we got to HK, the connecting flight was boarding already.  We were escorted to our gate.  There was only enough time to rush through security and walk really fast to our gate.  Thank goodness this flight was only 30 mins.
We arrived at Guangzhou at 11:30 pm (Apr 11) local time.  I was exhausted.  So was Mom.  It was a nice surprise to see a Filipino nurse in the Fuda welcoming committee.  At least I didn't have any languge barriers to hurdle after a long flight.  They met 9 patients at the airport that night.  Mostly Filipino.
It took a 30 minute bus ride (private bus) to the hospital.  There was no room assignment for me so mom and I were put in a shared room temporarily.  It was late, I was tired.  At that point any bed will do. 
The other patient we were sharing the room with was a Filipina from Cebu.  It was her second time.  She told me of her experience.  I also met some of the doctors.  They gave us a private room the next day.  Having your own bathroom makes ALL the difference.  I'm in the 7th floor in the new hospital.

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