Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 14 - PET scan

They told me the day before that I'll have a PET scan today.  I can't have any sugar.  Only 2 boiled eggs in the morning and a pack of milk.  I was allowed water.
Being used to having PET scans, I knew I could not have any metal in my clothes (They did not tell us this before we left.  We were informed right before the test.)  I had my PET scan outfit on - t-shirt, sports bra (no clasp), garterized pants (no buttons or zippers).  Mom could not come since the shuttle was full.  There were 3 other patients.
It was done in another hospital about an hour away.  They fed us after the test.  I left the hospital at 11am.  Got back at 4pm.
I was still dealing with jet lag that night. 

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